Mass Start

A forked, mass-start event with SI-timing. Estimated winning time around 35 to 40 minutes. Beginner and intermediate courses are individual start. A shorter advanced course individuals start option is also available. This is not a Canada Cup certified event, but is some high quality orienteering Fun!

CourseDistance (km)ClassesTechnical Difficulty
Beginner1.8Open (Any)Beginner (TD2)
Intermediate2.2AnyIntermediate (TD3)
Advanced3.3Open (Any)Expert (TD5)
Mass Start4.9Open (Any)Expert (TD5)
Note: Distances subject to change as course setting moves from almost complete to entirely complete.

Organizing Team

  • Course Planner: David Bakker (Sage)
  • Controller: Kevin Matrosovs (Sage)

Map: Thunder Mountain North

Thunder Mountain Map Sample

Hillier terrain with larger contour features and smaller pockets of contour detail. Very similar vegetation to Kelowna Nordic Core, but with sections of very dense forest that drive route choice decisions in otherwise highly runnable, white forest with no deadfall. This terrain features scattered rock features and marshes, with a low to medium density trail network.

  • Mapper: Bryan Chubb
  • Year Mapped: 2021-2022
  • Standard: ISOM2017-2
  • Print Scale: 1:10,000 for most categories and 1:7500 for select categories
  • 2020 Computer Generated Map of Part of the Area: Available Here for Fairness Purposes