A Championship Middle event with 8 different courses for all age and difficulty levels. This is a Canada Cup level event sanctioned by Orienteering Canada.

CourseDistance (km)ClassesPrint ScaleTechnical Difficulty
Course 11.5F10, M10, Open 11:7500Beginner (TD1)
Course 21.6F12, M12, Open 21:7500Novice (TD2)
Course 31.6F14, M14,
F16S, M16S, Open 3
1:10000Intermediate (TD3)
Course 42.1F16, M16, Open 41:10000Intermediate (TD3)
Course 51.8M75, F75, F80
F85, F90, M80,
M85, M90, Open 5
1:7500Veteran (TD4)
Course 62.5F18, F45, F55, F65
M65, F20S, M20S
F21S, Open 6
1:7500 or
Expert (TD5)
Course 73.5F20, F21E, F35
M18, M45, M55
M21S, Open 7
1:10000Elite (TD5)
Course 84.4M20, M21E, M35, Open 81:10000Elite (TD5)
Note: Distances subject to change as course setting moves from almost complete to entirely complete.

Organizing Team

  • Course Planner: David Bakker (Sage)
  • Controller: John Rance (GVOC)
Kelowna Nordic Map Sample

Map: Kelowna Nordic Core

Generally flat terrain (for the west coast) with terrain undulations of around 20 meters. Small portions are in recent clearcuts, but the majority of the map is in 40 year old mono-culture lodgepole pine forest. This vegetation type makes for excellent runnability, no deadfall, and limited visibility as the low branches of the pine trees are rarely more than 8 feet off the ground. A medium to low density trail network, widespread marshes, scattered boulders, and a mix of detailed and broader contour features complement the vegetation perfectly. This terrain is rated by John Rance as a world-class 10/10 for a middle distance event.

  • Mapper: David Bakker
  • Year Mapped: 2022
  • Standard: ISOM2017-2
  • Print Scale: 1:10,000 for most categories and 1:7500 for select categories as per Orienteering Canada Canada Cup standards
  • 2020 Computer Generated Map of Part of the Area: Available Here for Fairness Purposes