A Championship Long event with 9 different courses for all age and difficulty levels. This is a Canada Cup level event sanctioned by Orienteering Canada.

CourseDistance (km)ClassesPrint ScaleTechnical Difficulty
Course 1TBDF10, M10, Open 11:7500Beginner (TD1)
Course 2TBDF12, M12, Open 21:7500Novice (TD2)
Course 3TBDF14, M14,
F16S, M16S, Open 3
1:10000Intermediate (TD3)
Course 4TBDF16, M16, Open 41:10000Intermediate (TD3)
Course 5TBDM75, F75, F80
F85, F90, M80,
M85, M90, Open 5
1:7500Veteran (TD4)
Course 6TBDF18, F45, F55, F65
M65, F20S, M20S
F21S, Open 6
1:10000Expert (TD5)
Course 7TBDF20, F35
M18, M45, M55
M21S, Open 7
1:10000Elite (TD5)
Course 8TBDF21E*, M20*, M35*
Open 8
Elite (TD5)
Course 9TBDM21E, Open 91:15000Elite (TD5)
Note: Course distances will be added at a later date.

Organizing Team

  • Course Planner: Brian May (Sage)
  • Controller: Stan Woods (GVOC)

Map: Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain Map Sample

This map features hillier terrain with larger contour features and small pockets of contour detail. The vegetation is very similar to Kelowna Nordic Core, but there are sections of very dense forest in otherwise highly runnable, white forest with no deadfall. Combined with the low density trail network, these topographical and vegetation features drive challenging route choice decisions perfect for the ultimate long distance orienteering race.

  • Mapper: Bryan Chubb
  • Year Mapped: 2021-2022
  • Standard: ISOM2017-2
  • Print Scale: 1:10,000 for most categories, 1:15,000 for elite categories, and 1:7500 for other select categories, as per Orienteering Canada Canada Cup standards
  • 2020 Computer Generated Map of Part of the Area: Available Here for Fairness Purposes