Event Officials

Event Director

Kevin Matrosovs

Course Planners & Controllers

See each event-specific web page.


Saturday, June 308:00Kelowna Nordic
Main Lodge
Middle – event arena / check-in /
package pick-up opens
09:00Middle – first start
10:30Middle – last start
12:30Middle – course closes
12:30Middle – awards
13:15Kelowna Nordic
Summit / Kallis
Mass Start – event arena and
parking areas open
13:45Mass Start – first open start
14:45Mass Start – last open start
15:00Mass Start – mass start
17:15Mass Start – course closes
17:15Mass Start – awards
Sunday, June 408:00Kelowna Nordic
Summit / Kallis
Long – event arena and
parking areas open
09:00Long – first start
10:30Long – last start
14:00Long – course closes
14:00Long – awards


All three events take place in the terrain of the Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club trail network.


The parking, event arena, route to the start start, and the finish are all at the Kelowna Nordic Main Lodge.

Kelowna Nordic Main Lodge

Mass Start & Long

As parking is a bit more limited here, please carpool as much as possible to these events.

Parking Area P1, the Event Arena and the Finish are all at the Kelowna Nordic Summit Parking Lot and Trailhead. Parking Area P2 is at the Kelowna Nordic Kallis Parking Area and Trailhead at the bottom of Kallis FSR at the intersection with Highway 33. There is a flagged 900 m walking route connecting the Event Arena / Parking Area P1 and Parking Area P2.

The route to the start of the Mass Start event begins at Parking Area P2 at Kallis.

The route to the start of the Long event begins at the Event Arena at Summit.

For both Summit and Kallis, please do not turn left from the highway into these areas, as it requires crossing 2 lanes of oncoming highway speed traffic. If you are coming along Highway 33 from the south, such as from the Middle event or the campgrounds, please go past these turnoffs, turn right at the road to Big White, where there is an area to turn around, and then go back to the event parking areas from the north. Make sure you signal your turn into these parking areas well in advance.

Kelowna Nordic Summit Parking Lot

Kelowna Nordic Kallis Parking Area

Embargo Areas

The area of the Kelowna Nordic trail network is off limits to competitors in competitive categories until after their respective events.

Check-In / Package Pick-Up

Event check-in and package pick-up will be at the registration desk in the Event Arena before each event. Almost everyone will do this before their start at the Middle event.

The package will contain bibs and any borrowed SI sticks. Borrowed SI sticks must be returned at the Finish of your last event ,or at the registration desk if you do not run your last registered event.

Registration Changes and Fees

Any outstanding registration fees owed must be paid in cash upon registration.

We will have a small number of extra maps, so there will be some very limited availability to change courses/classes at the event. Depending on numbers, there is no guarantee that you will be able to.

Fees for on-site changes:

  • Competition course/class change, subject to availability – $5
  • Lost borrowed SI Air sticks – $90
  • Lost borrowed compass – $50


All events take place in a wilderness environment, which may have any of the standard hazards possibly found in such an environment.


The event terrain could contain wildlife such as deer, moose, cougars and bears, among others. Carrying bear spray is a valid option according to your comfort level. If you wish to purchase bear spray in Kelowna, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Atmosphere have significant stock.

Those unfamiliar with bear encounters may wish to read the following page from the Government of Canada: Safe travel in bear country.

It is more likely that you will encounter grouse, which can be startling as they explode out of the bush if you get too close.


After a late freshet, we’ve recently had over a week of significant rainfall. Even with a week of clear and hot weather leading up to the event, the mosquitos are out in numbers in the forest. If you’re not going to outrun them, you probably want to have insect repellent. If you’re camping, bring mosquito coils.

Insect repellent could help keep any ticks off you as well.

We have not had any issues with wasps or bees, but you may encounter some nonetheless. If you are allergic to wasp or bee stings, make sure to bring your medication with you on the course.


We have not noticed any issues with thorny or poisonous plants, but some might be hiding somewhere.

The pine trees are dense enough and have small dead branches at eye level so that eye protection is recommended, especially if you are running fast.


The current weekend weather forecast is for nothing but sun and daytime highs of 29C (84F) in Kelowna! The event locations are significantly higher and typically 5-7 degrees C (9-13 degrees F) cooler than Kelowna, meaning daytime highs of up to 24C (75F) on location. Recent on-location temperatures at 9am were 12C (54F). The mornings will start cool but it will quickly warm up.

Bring fluids and electrolytes and stay hydrated!

Please plan to bring a lot of your own water, sport drink and electrolytes. We will have a lot in the Event Arenas as well as some at the Starts and at water drops on the Long courses but if you plan to bring a lot for yourself that will help with pressure on our supplies at the Event Arenas.

Bring and use sunscreen!

While it looks unlikely at this time, always be prepared for cooler temperatures and rain, just in case and especially if you are camping. Forecast night time lows may reach 5C (41F) or lower.

Competitor Risk & Responsibility

All competitors must have signed the waiver before they participate. Everyone who registered online will have done this. Those few who were not able to do so online will be required to sign a paper waiver at check-in.

The on-site medical standby is there for immediate significant medical issues and trauma events. To minimize demands on them, participants are responsible for their own minor issues, such as cramping, muscle pain, blisters and minor cuts and scrapes.

Please bring your own basic first aid kit and sports tape.

Open fires and smoking are prohibited in all event areas.

Every competitor must carry a whistle while on course. Whistles will be for sale at the registration desk at the Event Arena for $2.00 cash. The recognized distress signal is a series of three short blasts on a whistle. Use your whistle if you need urgent help because of an injury or distress. Pause and listen for reply and repeat to allow helpers to locate you. If you are injured, but still mobile, an alternative might be to make your way to the nearest control so that it is easier to locate you. Competitors are expected to render assistance to anyone who is injured, has blown their whistle, and requires physical assistance. Please give help as needed, and make event officials aware of the issue.

All maps/control descriptions have a “safety bearing” printed on them. In the event of becoming lost, head in that direction, ideally to a major trail, road or the Event Arena.

To avoid initiating unnecessary searches, competitors MUST download at the Finish download station even if they do not complete their course.

In the event of an emergency, competitors are required to follow the directions of the Emergency Response personnel.

Clothing & Shoes

There is no regulation requiring specific clothing, but full leg cover is recommended for all events.

Standard forest orienteering shoes, with or without metal tipped studs, as per personal preference, are recommended. Grippy trail shoes are another option.

Eye protection is a personal choice but is recommended. While there is very little deadfall, the pine trees have small dead branches at eye level and are often fairly close together.


Dogs are prohibited from the courses and Event Arenas.

Medical & Emergency

The Event Director’s mobile number is 250-863-9480 and is printed on each course map.

Medical and Search and Rescue, provided by Central Okanagan Search And Rescue (COSAR), will be on standby at each Event Arena and will be engaged by the Event Director or another event official as necessary.

911 is the Canadian emergency number for ambulance, fire and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Contact the Event Director or go to the registration table at the Event Arena before you contact 911 from an event site. Ideally, have an event official call so that they can provide directions.

Nearby Facilities

The closest medical facilities are the following:

  • Kelowna General Hospital
    2268 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1T2
  • Kelowna Urgent and Primary Care Centre
    Capri Centre North Parking lot, 1141 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6E8

Force Majeure

If there is a “force majeure” episode prior to the event (e.g. weather, fire or dangerous wildlife), details will be posted on the Home and Updates pages of the event website.

Competition Rules

Orienteering Canada Rules

Orienteering Canada rules apply to all events.

Fair Play

All competitors shall behave with fairness and honesty. Attempts to gain any information related to the courses, beyond that provided by the organizer, is prohibited before and during the competition.

It is not permitted to bring previous orienteering maps of the competition area to the Event Arena.

Spectators are not allowed to enter the competition terrain before and during the competition.

Everyone must follow the routes specified by the organizers to reach the Parking, Event Arena, and Start.

Competitors are not allowed to re-enter the competition area after they have finished their race and before course closure without the permission of the Controller.

At all times, respect the Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club facilities and property.

A competitor who breaks any rule, or who benefits from the breaking of any rule, may be disqualified.


There is no designated quarantine for any event. Competitors must stay on warm-up maps and out of the competition terrain before their start.

Punching & Time-Keeping

SI punching and time-keeping will be used for all events. SI Air is enabled on each control.

The SI card number that you provided with your registration has been entered into the computer system, and appears on your bib. If, for any reason you will be using a different SI-card from that shown on your entry, you must notify the registration desk at the Event Arena of the new number.

All borrowed SI sticks must be returned at the Finish download table at your last competition, or to the Registration desk at the Event Arena if you do not run your last registered event. If you fail to return your borrowed SI stick, you must pay the fee for lost SI sticks.

Each control is equipped with a control flag and one or more SI electronic control units. The control code is located on top of the SI unit. Where a control has more than one SI unit, the competitor may punch either unit.


Competitors are assigned one bib for all events which can be picked up at the Registration table at the Event Arena before their first event. Each bib will contain the competitor ́s name and SI number and, for each registered event, their class or course and start time.

All competitors must wear their bibs on their shirt front during all competitions. Bibs must be visible in their entirety and not folded or cut.

Pinning the bib to your shirt will be much more durable if you put the pins through the punched holes on the big and do not pierce the bib material directly with the pins.

Competitors are encouraged to bring their own safety pins. For those who do not bring them, safety pins will be available at the Registration table in the Event Arena.

Start Lists

Start lists will be available on the event website and posted at each Event Arena and at each Start area.

For all classes and all events, starting times are drawn randomly within each class. Organizers may take into consideration requests for split or early or late start times and volunteer requirements.


Official results will be posted to the event website as soon as possible after each event, as well as full split times on Attackpoint and Winsplits.

There is no arena commentary at this event.

Championship Eligibility

The Middle and Long are championship events.


Eligibility is open to all residents of Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. A resident is defined as a person who has resided in the province or territory for at least 6 months prior to the championship event and is a current member of an orienteering club or association in any of these provinces or territories. Canadian Immigration status is not considered a factor in eligibility.

This is a change from what was stated in the online event registration and has been made to be relatively consistent with recent historical WCOCs.


Eligibility is open to all residents of BC. A resident is defined as a person who has resided in BC for at least 6 months prior to the championship event and is a current member of an OBC-affiliated orienteering club. Canadian Immigration status is not considered a factor in eligibility.


Middle & Long

In each event class, the top 3 finishers will be recognized. If the WCOC champion or BCOC champion is not among the top 3, then they will each be recognized as well.

Mass Start

For each course, the top male and top female will be recognized.


The awards for each event will be presented as soon as possible after each event in that event’s Event Arena. Awards will consist of local, functional, items such as chocolate, jelly or honey. No medals will be given out.

Start Procedure

Middle & Long

Starts are timed and on every minute, with no start punch.

Every event has a silent start process. Competitors are requested to respect the quiet zone throughout the start grid, starting at the T-3 (start time minus 3 minutes) pre-call-up. It is the competitor’s responsibility to watch for their assigned start time and be on time. The start crew will not call out for late/missing starters.

Competitors are responsible for clearing and checking their SI-card. Clear and Check will be located just before the T-3 minute pre-call-up line.

  • T-3 Minutes. The clock at the pre-call-up line will display T-3 minutes. An official will check off the competitor name, verify the SI number and confirm that each competitor has a whistle. Competitors without a bib, SI stick, or whistle will not be permitted to start. A check unit will be punched by the competitor to ensure the SI has been cleared.
  • T-2 minutes. Competitors can pick up the loose control description sheet for their class. The sheets will be clearly labelled by Class. No clear tape is provided, so control description holders are recommended. Control descriptions are also printed on the course maps.
  • T-1 minute. Competitors find the map bin containing the map for their class and are responsible for selecting the correct map. Competitors will write their name on the back of their map. Competitors must ensure that they take only 1 map. Competitors must not look at their map.
  • T-10 seconds to Start. The start clock will beep once at T-10 seconds. The start-countdown will be indicated by a series of 6 beeps at -5 to 0 seconds. At the last (long) beep the competitor’s race time begins and the competitor may cross the start line and look at their map.

Late Starts

For the Middle and Long, start times are assigned and competitors are responsible for making it to the Start and starting on time. If a competitor arrives late, the start officials will place them into a start time when one becomes available. Late competitors must follow the directions of the start officials without complaint. Any complaints must be filed at the Finish download at the Event Arena within 30 minutes of the competitor finishing their course.

Mass Start

The Mass Start event is more casual and has a different procedure depending on the course.

  • Open Start Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Short. Starts are individual starts with open, unassigned start times on each minute. There is a start punch.
    • Please plan to start relatively early in the start window so that we do not have a bottleneck at the end of the start window.
  • Mass Start (Advanced). All competitors start at the same time, with a short run to the start triangle. There is no start punch.
    • There are no late starts.

Clothing Drop

There will be no clothing drop at any Start.

Finish Procedure

The competitor’s time ends when they punch a finish unit at the end of the finish chute.

Upon finishing, competitors proceed directly to the download station where the do the following:

  • Hand in their map
  • Receive a printout with splits
  • Receive confirmation that all of the controls have been visited in the correct order

All competitors, whether they finish their course or not, must download. This is a safety procedure so that we can be certain that all competitors are off the course.

If a competitor misses one or more controls, does not visit the controls in the correct order, or exceeds the maximum time on course, they will be disqualified.

Refreshments (water and snacks) are available for finishers after the download. Some drink cups may be available but please provide your own drink cups or containers.

For the Middle and Long, a cool down is possible on the warm-up map terrain.

Map Return

An announcement will be made when maps are available for pick-up in the Arena. Please take your own map. Maps not picked up after Saturday events will be available on Sunday at the Event Arena.

Maps & Control Descriptions


Maps will be printed on durable waterproof paper and map bags will not be provided.

Control descriptions will be printed on the maps.

Control Descriptions

Loose control descriptions will be available in the start for each event.

Loose control descriptions will be on plain (non-waterproof) paper: competitors are encouraged to bring control description holders. There will NOT be clear tape available for those without a control description holder.

Courses 1 and 2 in the Middle and Long and the Beginner Course in the Mass Start will have both English language control descriptions and IOF symbol control descriptions. All other courses will have IOF symbols only.


See each event-specific web page.


Mass Start